"This collection is a testament to our shared vision and aspirations, and we’re elated to showcase this phenomenal collection to the design community and beyond."

In everything she touches, Cheryl Luckett seamlessly brings classic style, colorful palettes, and cultured details together with a charming flare all her own.

An integral member of the Revolution Fabrics family, Cheryl’s collection, aptly named the Cheryl Luckett for Revolution Performance Fabrics Collection, emphasizes versatility and beauty. It resonates with her signature style, colorful palettes, and pays homage to her Mississippi roots. Drawing from timeless motifs of the American South, this collaboration beautifully integrates the durability of performance fabric with design-forward patterns, ensuring a broad appeal.

“While this collection may have been born a year ago, the relationship between Revolution Fabrics and our team extends beyond half a decade, starting with their invitation to its mill,” shared Cheryl Luckett, Founder and Principal Designer of Dwell by Cheryl. “That visit marked the beginning of an unwavering alliance and camaraderie. Over the past six years, my role evolved from loyal customer to a brand ambassador, advisor, and a trusted partner.”

As the visionary behind Dwell by Cheryl, Cheryl showcases an adeptness in curating both intimate havens and opulent spaces. This dexterity shines in the Revolution collection, harmoniously blending function with aesthetic appeal with an array of patterns spanning classic styles, cultural inspirations, and bold animal patterns infused with vivid hues and graphics.